5.1m x 9m Double Garage Build

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The Plan:

So for one reason and another mainly due to Maria taking over our integral garage we decided to utilise the side area of our property to build a large garage / workshop and thought the quickest way to get one would be to buy a preowned pre fabricated garage so we did!

Not quite as straight forward as one would expect!!!!

See the various stages of my project in the following pages.
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Build Area:

This is the area where it will stand. So the wall and side gate had to come down. The goal here was to reuse the bricks so they were carefully removed and most came away and cleaned up easily as whoever built it mixed the mortar incorrectly with too much sand but that was lucky for me and made the task easier.
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In The Begining:

So my first stage was to start digging. Not to hard as ground was good soft soil but with a chalk content.
I started with a small foundation for the concrete side panels to sit on and join up to the side of the house.
So foundation in place.
I designed and had fabricated some steel frames to join to the side panels and use as the side frame for the 4.8m wide door.
Which fitted either side of the up and over (temporary) door.
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Brick Laying:

To cover up the panels and frames I reused bricks that were in the original wall and thus making the front blend in with the front of the house.
I am not a brick layer by trade, as you can see, and as such it took me a very long time!
But eventually I got there and was pleased with my first brick laying efforts.
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Front Pitched Roof Construction from Scratch:

So fixed a 6" rear support from onside to the other.
Next was the front side to side support.
Rafters going up.
Breatheable membrane and batterns.
And finally clay tiles
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Facia board and guttering on.
Slowly coming together.
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Ground Works:

Bit of digging, crushed concrete and a bit of wacking.
More digging!
One section of base completed.
More digging!
More digging!
More wacking!
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Next we had to move our conservatory covering our Koi fish pond by 2m to allow space for the garage walls.
The fun begins to move the 8m x 5m conservatory 2m!!!!
Preperation underway to support the roof once panels are removed
Panels removed.
Roof hanging in the air with the aid of supports!!!
Tense moments!
Floor moved from one end to the other.
Panels going back up
Now the tricky part! Sliding an 8m x 5m roof along 2m in ONE PIECE!!
So out come the heavy duty straps.
Grab a nearby tree and run a steel car tow rope around it.....
Using the straps ratchet slowly pull the roof towards the tree!
And voila!! Roof now moved 2m and in place.
All double glazed glass back in and doors in place.
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Some drainage and Panels put in place:

Foundation for concrete side panels down.
Drainage taken into consideration.
Up go the side panels.
Now end ones taking shape.
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Time for a bit of a clear up:

How to fill every inch of a skip.
Roof timbers going up
Temporary fibre cement roofing sheets in place.
Slowly taking shape.
And a roof with a dry area below.
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Front driveway retaining walls:

Needed to do a bit of digging and support the foundation of the wall.
Up and over door replaced with automatic sectional door.
Next stage was to build a retaining wall for the front grass area.
Foundation for wall down.
Now to start laying courses of bricks.
Wall finally Finished!!
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Next stage coming soon!:

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Next stage coming soon!:

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Next stage coming soon!: