A Track Day on R6 at Donnington Park Race Circuit

It was a cold day in July as we ventured up to Donnington Park to thrash around (or at least try to!) one of the greatest tracks of all time around.

The Crew!!!

The crew:

On the left we have Boff " the knowledgeable one! Jess "The Camera Man" and day courtesy of him. Thanks very much Jess. And on the right my co pilot and friend of many years, Steve "It's all in the wrist!" Walker.

The Crew!!!

Here’s James Whitham who runs JAMES WHITHAM MOTORCYCLE TRACK TRAINING and used to race BSB & WSB in case you didn’t know!


Here's me on the R6 which at first I thought I was not going to like as I was used to a lot bigger bikes in physical size and CC!

Jess thinking "If only I could ride a bike. Oh I can just not one with 2 wheels!

Here's what NOT to do!