Kawasaki ZXR 750 H1


Kawasaki ZXR 750 H1


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This is my ZXR 750 H1 original on a 1989 plate (F) but now with a personal plate.



ZXR 750 H1 / Stage II Tuned / Devil Race Can / Custom Under Tray / 100bhp / 160mph + (Not bad for a 1989 ol' gal!)


I encountered a weeeeee problem. whilst under taking a coach and car on a bend of a motorway, not named for obvious reasons, at a speed of 95+ my front sprocket decided to come off!!!!!

Oh S**t. Well my face went white and my pant's, well I'll leave that to your imagination, and my knuckles bled as I held on for grime life or is it death? The chain locked the back wheel twisted

in the swinging arm and sent me into a broadside!!!! Being a super rider and having the luck of the back wheel to kindly free it's self, I managed, God know's how cos I don't, to not slide up the road.

Unfortunately though when I came to a halt and got off I saw to my dismay the inside of my gearbox. It was really clean though!! This was not the way I wanted to find out that it was clean.

Anyway to cut a long boring story short I had it fixed, tuned 3 times and dyno'd (Plug for HM Racing 01689 856 595 or hmracing.co.uk , Steve is King Dyno!) they gave awesome results.

Trouble is the weather's been crap and I haven't been able to enjoy the shear power it now has.



I have some good weather. Awesome!!!

The dyno results showed 160mph (Not bad for an old girl!!) and doing 100ft/sec quicker top end!! I have softened the rear suspension and it is a dream and pleasure to ride.

Eats up lots of wana be racers on the road!!!













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